Thanks for your interest in NCSU Pipes & Drums. Band membership consists of both NCSU students as well as community players.  This mix has created the solid foundation for over 55 years of performing and competing while allowing for new players to blend into the band.

The band meets on Thursday nights from 6-9 pm at Fairmont United Methodist Church, 2501 Clark Avenue, Raleigh on Thursday evenings. Beginners meet from 5:30-6:00pm and are welcome to stay after. If you are interested in drumming lessons we can connect you with drumming instructors on-line.

Please contact Darrell Thompson at for more detailed information.

Beginning Bagpiping

A student begins learning on a ‘practice chanter’  before they attempt full pipes.  Once on full pipes the student can advance into the band.  

If you are committed to learning the Bagpipe you will need to purchase a practice chanter. Look for a Dunbar or a Gibson practice chanter.  They run about $80.  Included below are links to those. Avoid Practice Chanters that are cheaper than this as they are difficult to play, not made well, and don’t tune with what the rest of the band plays.

Dunbar Regular Practice Chanter

Gibson Long Practice Chanter

Experienced Pipers and Drummers: If you are an experienced player and are interested in learning more about joining the band, we would love to talk with you.  We practice on Thursday nights near campus in Raleigh, NC from 6-9pm.

Already a Drummer?  Snare drummers with experience in the rudiments of drumming will be taught the Scottish style.  Tenor and bass drummers should have a natural sense of rhythm.  

Please contact Darrell Thompson at  if you’re interested in joining the band.